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The TTA M6E-G300 comes with a 30-litre tank. It is an affordable option, while still offering all obstacle avoidance functions, and heavy lift features. TTA says the drone is 40 times faster than a traditional sprayer, and a small droplet diameter promotes a better distribution of the spray. The M6E-G300 offers an adjustable flow speed and the nozzles are made in Germany.

The drone is foldable, making it easy to carry the drone. The landing gear has a quick release design. The M6E-G300 further offers an alarm for low power and for a low liquid level. It is water-proof, and can be easily cleaned by spraying water.

The operator can fly the drone manually, but it can also operate autonomously. It supports break-point memory, and can automatically fly back to the point where you stopped spraying, so farmers won’t miss a field. The drone also flies at night.  A modular design gives farmers easy options for repairs, at low costs.


Manufacturer:Beijing TT Aviation Technology (China)
Max payload capacity:30 litres
No. rotors / effective swath width:6 / 4 to 9 metre
Max flow rate:5 litres per minute
Max flight time (per charge):10-13 minutes (full load)
Battery capacity in mAh:28,000 mAh LiPo
Standard charge time:20min (220v)/45min (110v)
Typical retail price:US $14,000 (FOB)

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