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Manufacturer: Verdant Robotics
Implement: Spraybox
Weeding tools: Chemical, laser in development
Pricing: Custom per crop and grower

Verdant Robotics’ Spraybox currently eliminates weeds by using organic and conventional spray liquids. A laser-based solution is prototyped and in development. It offers working widths for bed configurations between 30 and 84 inches with capacities up to 2.4 ha/h.

Weeds to deal with are ideally 1-4 cm in diameter, but it can eliminate 10-17 cm diameter weeds. It targets weeds as close as millimetres to the plants in all specialty row crops such as carrots, garlic, onions, leafy greens and vegetables and tomatoes with plans for alfalfa, cotton, maize, soybean and turf. The cameras capture both weeding result and the crop status.


Manufacturer:Verdant Robotics (US)
Weeding tools:Chemical, laser in development
Working width:6/12 row
Capacity (max driving speed):2.4 ha/h
Weeds … close to plants:Millimetres
Energy source:PTO
Energy consumption:Unknown
Suitable for (crops):All specialty row crops
Plans for alfalfa, cotton, maize, soybean, turf
Suitable for (row/bed widths):0.76 – 2.13 m beds
Suitable for (weeds):Any
Weed sizes it detects:1-4 cm ideally, 10-17 cm possible
Cameras capture weeding result:Yes
Cameras capture crop status:Yes
Usable day and night:Yes
Pricing:Custom per crop and grower

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