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  • Manufacturer: Vitirover
  • Robot: Vitirover
  • Task(s): Specialised in weed removal in vineyards, orchards, tree nurseries
  • Development start: 2011
  • Pricing: Vitirover as a service starts at €2000/US $2248 per ha per year


Vitirover offers solar and lithium ion battery-powered autonomous robots for weeding in vineyards, orchards and tree nurseries. The robots use GPS and AI to navigate and are deployed on plots during the growing season. A shepherd/supervisor unit is connected to all the robots (maximum 50 per shepherd). This shepherd supervises the herd, intervening remotely if necessary. Vitirovers have a smooth contact with all obstacles like trees or vine stocks (with a zero risk of hurting or cutting a vine stock). Vitirover is currently working on a smaller robot, to work in market gardening and plots where there are more obstacles.

Drive train type



Not disclosed

Navigation system

2 GPS systems (optional multi-channel RTK) and AI

Look for all specifications in the table below.


Name robotVitirover
DimensionsLength: 0.70m/2.3ft. Width: 0.32m/1.05ft. Height: 0.30m/0.98ft
Turning radius1,5 metre/4.9ft
Weight  20 kg
Energy source  Electricity/batteries
Energy stock/range  With a changeable battery 15 h of work, The solar panel harvests around 6 hours per day.
Driveline  Vitirover has a four-wheel electric drive with a free rear axle and one motor per wheel.
Output capacity  About 13 days per cycle per 2,5 acres (about 12 cycles per mowing season)
Navigation system2 GPS systems (optional multi-channel RTK) and AI
Pricing  Vitirover as a service starts at €2000/US $2248 per ha per year
Availability (countries)France, Belgium and Austria
Units operational (total end 2021)  100 are deployed in 2021
Vitirover is building another 50 robots this year and 200 robots in 2022.

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