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The VoloDrone is Volocopter’s electric heavy-lift cargo drone, which attracted much attention when it first went on show on the John Deere stand at the 2019 Agritechnica show. Currently being developed in Germany, it has 18 rotors. The 9.2m wide aircraft can carry a 200kg payload 40km and utilises a battery-swap system. Prepared for autonomous flight capabilities it is suitable for applying sprays and nutrients as well as sowing cover crop seed into growing crops.

For spraying it can be fitted with two tanks, a pump, a spray boom and offer outputs of up to 6ha/hr. The VoloDrone is optimised for quick turnarounds and future-focused operations. Outside agriculture, the VoloDrone also finds various applications in the logistics, construction, and public service industries.


Manufacturer: Volocopter GmbH, Germany
Product model name: VoloDrone
Max payload capacity: 200kg
No. Rotors: 18
Pressure gauge:optional
Max flight range (per charge): 30min
Standard charge time: slow charge with exchangeable battery packs
Battery swap time: 5min
Recommended retail price: POA