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Robot: WEAI
Task(s): Eliminate weed in and between rows
Development start: 2017
Pricing: Sell for €95,000 ($100,102 according to the exchange rate of 01-11-2023) plus a service fee


WEAI works with an extremely high precision, which is especially important in rows of vegetables. The robot has mechanical arms to remove weed between rows and a hoeing system to remove weed in the rows. In this way you also reduce the use of herbicides so farmers can reduce their costs and contribute to a healthier environment. Tests in Sweden showed that our robotic system can contribute to higher yields compared to conventional cultivation using chemical pesticides to control weeds.

Drive train type

Our Generation-3 robot has 4 wheel-drive and 4 wheel-steering. The robot platform will be updated for the 2024 season.


  • Specialised robot for weeding in row seeded vegetables
  • AI controlled mechanical weeding tool together with a passive hoeing system
  • Autonomous drive 24/7
  • Electrically powered with a battery swap system
  • Width 2 m and 2,25 m (bed width)

Navigation system

The robot uses RTK gps to navigate with 2 cm precision. Sensor fusion is also made with odometry and an IMU to get an accurate localisation. An AB line is imported from seeding together with field boundaries. A route is then created for the robot to follow. Obstacles are detected via two radar sensors attached to the front of the robot.


Name/type robotWEAI
DimensionsLength 2,0 m, width 2,8 m, height 1,8 m. Track width 2,0 m and 2,25 m
Turning radius0 m (ballerina turns)
Weight600 kg
Energy sourceIt has 2 batteries generating 7,4 kWh on 48V
Energy stock/rangeIt can operate up to 9 to 10 hours on one battery charge
Driveline4-wheel drive and 4- wheel steering
Navigation systemRTK gps
Output capacityWith our mechanical tool arms 10 ha in 4,5 days. Combined with the hoeing system it can be increased to 10 ha
PricingStarting from €70,000 (US $73.759 according to the exchange rate of 01-11-2023)
Availability (countries)Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden and maybe Belgium as well
Units operational (total end 2023)5

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