the role of data in precision farming


This upcoming Future Farming webinar will take place at 15.00 CET on 29 March.

About the webinar:

Farmers have a wealth of data and monitoring systems to optimise their operations – but bringing those systems together and easily applying them to the real-world terrain is critical to maximising efficiency and productivity. Topcon’s Tim van der Leck explores how farmers can farm their way,  but better, by utilising full-workflow guidance and data systems to accurately interpret the data they collect.

Tim van der Leck

Topcon Regional Sales Manager NW Europe (Agriculture)

Tim is responsible for Topcon agriculture sales across North Western Europe. Involved in the precision farming industry since 2016, he strives to help farmers and agricultural businesses improve efficiency and productivity by making effective use of data, guidance and machine control technology to optimise their existing farming methods.

Presentation title: How full-workflow guidance systems can help you farm your way – but better

  • The role of data in yield monitoring and forecasting
  • Utilising full-workflow guidance and monitoring data to help optimize efficiency your way.
  • How ISOBUS can coordinate your machinery fleet to save time and improve productivity.
  • Data Services Platforms – turning raw data into practical insights you can use.
  • Using your farm’s data to optimize fertilizer use, minimize waste and maximise crop performance ahead of 2030.

Dr. Ir. Pepijn van Oort

Researcher Precision Agriculture / Crop Growth Modelling; Wageningen Plant Research

Pepijn van Oort is a crop growth modeller working at Wageningen Plant Research. Pepijn is a modeller in the Wageningen Digital Future Farm project and one of the developers of the potato model running in FarmMaps digital platform.

Presentation title: Realtime monitoring, forecasting and management of crop growth

  • A brief introduction to Crop growth modelling
  • Forecasting crop growth based on weather patterns from past years
  • FarmMaps: online potato growth simulations at the farmers’ fingertips
  • FarmMaps: improving fertilizer and irrigation management in potato
  • Digital Future Farm: using in-season satellite data to improve yield forecasting

Liza Bruggeling

Host and editor Future Farming

Exclusive partner