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Manufacturer: WeedBot
Implement: Lumina
Weeding tools: Blue laser
Pricing: €350.000 ($383516 according to the exchange rate of 05-04-2023)

The WeedBot Lumina uses blue light laser because the company sees multiple benefits compared to other light sources. It can cover up to 6 m wide: 3 beds or 8 ridges. The preferred weed size is up to 2 cm and it can treat weeds as close as 2 mm to the crop. In general, broadleaf weeds are better controlled by laser compared to grass weeds. In case a weed is covered by the crop, it won’t be treated.

Currently, the implement is designed to work in carrots only. Other vegetables (leafy greens, onions, beetroot, et cetera) will be added later on. Lumina can operate at speeds up to 1.2 km/h covering up to 0.7 ha/h. In 2024, the machine will be available for selected carrot growers in Europe. The company plans to offer multiple image-derived information services with the next versions of Lumina.


Manufacturer:WeedBot (Latvia)
Weeding tools:Blue laser
Working width:Up to 6.0 m
Capacity (max driving speed):0.7 ha/h (1.2 km/h)
Weeds … close to plants:2 mm
Energy source:PTO
Energy consumption:Up to 14 kW
Suitable for (crops):Carrots only
Other vegetables like beetroot, leafy greens, onions, etc. will be added later on
Suitable for (row/bed widths):8 ridges or 3 beds
Suitable for (weeds):Any
Weed sizes it detects:Up to 2 cm
Cameras capture weeding result:Not yet
Cameras capture crop status:Not yet
Usable day and night:Yes
Pricing:€ 350.000 ($383516 according to the exchange rate of 05-04-2023)
Availability:From 2024 on in Europe

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