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The XAG P100 is a professional-grade drone, designed for precise and efficient spraying and spreading. The aerial platform of the XAG P100 Agricultural Drone is durable and stable. The drone can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for various agricultural settings.

The XAG P100 has a structure that can separate the flying platform and task systems, integrating efficient spreading and precision spraying modules. Its control system combines an AI algorithm and a high-performance powertrain. Integrated with flexible task systems, an upgraded control module can easily realise fully autonomous precision spraying and broadcast operations.

The dynamic radar and a terrain-adaptive module of the drone sense incoming obstacles and the surrounding environment during flight. It can detect obstacles within 40 meters ahead. The XAG P100 gives operators real-time operation images for information about flight status and crop conditions.


Manufacturer:XAG (China)
Product:XAG P100
Max payload capacity:40 litres (spraying) or 60 litres (spreading)
No. rotors / effective swath width:4 / 5-10 metre
Droplet size:60-400 μm
Spread width3-6 metre
Max flow rate (single pump):12 litres per minute
Max flight time (per charge):6 min (full-load)
Battery capacity in mAh:20,000
Standard charge time:11 min
Typical retail price:Starting at US $20,000

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