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The XPlanet quadrotor UAV is the latest drone from XAG, China’s other massive drone company, which is challenging DJI in the application sector. It has a 20 litre, auto-fill spray tank and four peristaltic pumps providing automatic flow control to a maximum flowrate of 7.2 l/min. Four rotary atomisation nozzles are fitted below the rotors. For granules it has a 16 litre tank and JetSeed rotating spreader that offers application widths from 2.5m-4.5m.

It comes with a 4D imaging radar front and rear, as well as RTK positioning via 4G phone signal. XAG’s SuperX Pro flight control system operates autonomously according to prescription maps through an App on a smartphone or an ‘intelligent control stick’, which also provides a swarm mode.


Manufacturer:XAG (China)
Product:XPlanet Agricultural UAS
Max payload capacity:20 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width:7m (rapid), 4.5m (fine)
Pressure gauge:no
Max flight time (per charge):13-15min (loaded)
Battery capacity in mAh:18,000
Standard charge time:15min (SuperCharge)
Typical retail price:n/a