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The Japanese Yanmar offers four of its standard tractors with integrated autonomy from 88 to 113 hp. Recently the navigation system has been improved of Yanmar’s Robot Tractors.

Yanmar’s robotic agriculture technology has been under development for some time. Testing of the vehicle in its current form has been underway since 2015.  This year, Yanmar has made improvements to its robot tractor. Previously the Yanmar robot tractor needed its own ground base station for correction signals along with signals from the GNSS satellite.  The new system receives a multi-frequency signal allowing the tractor to receive local reference point positioning data to determine its position via VRS (Virtual Reference Station). This means it is no longer necessary to install a Yanmar base station. And the system can be used anywhere mobile signal is available.

What is most striking according to the supplier ?
The robot tractor can work in cooperation with another second manned tractor in one field. It is also possible for the farmer to arrive at the field with the robot tractor, then set the robot tractor working the field autonomously, while the farmer carries out other work nearby.  Note: even in Japan, forerunner in the field of autonomy, it is currently not permitted for autonomous farm machinery to operate unsupervised.

How does the robot tractor navigate and plan its work and paths?
The operator boards the robot tractor and circles the perimeter of the field to complete the registration of the field data and start operation. From the next time onward, the registered field data can be called up to start work.The operator can set the work pattern and start/stop/resume work remotely using a specially designed tablet application.

How are implements operated and controlled by the robot tractor?
If the implements are ISOBUS compatible, it will be possible to control them with the robot tractor.  For this tractor must be put into the setting that allows communication between implement and tractor.

What are the safety features?
The areas in front of and behind the tractor are monitored and can be visually checked by operators using the control tablet for safety.And a laser sensor and ultrasound sensor detect obstacles for greater safety.

Whether in straight line or turning operation, a control algorithm ensures that the robot tractor will stop safely before the tractor deviates from the pre-programmed farming area. If the tractor is deviates by a fixed margin from the programmed route or if the tractor telemetry is interrupted, the tractor will safely stop operation.

What kind of work can the robot tractor do autonomously?
Almost everything you can do with a standard tractor; tilling, seeding, fertilizer distribution and ploughing. Exept maneuvering in and around barnyard is not possible.

Can you switch off autonomous mode and continue as a manned tractor for difficult work/circumstances?
The operator can use the robot tractor as a regular tractor.

How many units are currently in the field and where?
Since the start of sales in 2018, Yanmar’s robot tractors have been highly praised by many customers, but we don’t publish sales figures.

Technical specifications Yanmar Robot Tractor (4 models)

Company name and nationalityYANMAR AGRIBUSINESS CO., LTD. – JAPAN
Product nameRobot Tractor
Type/ModelsYANMAR YT488A/YT498A/YT4104A/YT5113A
Type engine / max. horse power p.t.o.Vertical four cylinder water-cooled common rail direct injection diesel engine. Maximum output (kW{PS}/rpm)
YT488A: 64.7{88}/2500
YT4104A: 76.5{104}/2500
YT5113A: 83.1{113}/2500
Autonomous solution Isobus compatible?Yes
Transmission typeHMT: Hydro Mechanical Transmission (Secondary gear: 3-speed)
Minimum and maximum speeds manual (mph/kmh)/ in autonomous mode (mph/kmh)Manual mode: 0.15 – 33.0km/h
Autonomous mode: 0.5 – 10km/h
PTO speeds back1-speed: 765n/min
PTO speeds front3-speed: 546,754,1046n/min
Back 3 point hitch lift capacity (lbs/kg)YT488A:32300N(3300kgf)/7275.3lbs
YT498A:32300N(3300kgf) /7275.3lbs
YT5113A:32700N(3800kgf) /8377.6lbs
Front 3 point hitch lift capacity (lbs/kg)N/A
Hydraulic system (open/closed center)N/A
Max hydraulic flow rate (lpm/gpm)N/A
Max tire size (rear/front)Front: 9.5-24ZZ
Rear: 13.6-38ZZ
Total weight (lbs/kg)YT488A: 3570kg/7870.5lbs
YT498A: 3640kg/8024.8lbs
YT4104A: 3640kg/8024.8lbs
YT5113A: 3760kg/8289.4lbs
Dimensions length, with, high (inh, cm)YT488A: 414.5×188×271.5 cm
YT498A: 414.5×188×271.5 cm
Fuel tank or battery capacity: ( l /g or kWh)/for minimum operating hoursFuel consumption rate: 222g/kWh
Operator or driver nearby requiredYes
Price (in €/US$)Sell: From 104,800 to 162.330 US$ = 86,650 € to 134200 €
Lease: N/A
As a service: N/A
Countries the product is for sale/rent in 2022Japan

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