VIDEO: Comparing common- and fixed tramline harvesters

14-01-2022 | |

During a demo at the NPPL and Farm of the Future field robot day in the Netherlands, two types of harvesters were compared.

At the end of 2021, we showed you a two-row AVR Spirit 5200 potato harvester. This harvester was adapted, by Farm of the Future, in such a way that it is suitable for the fixed tramline system with unridden cultivation beds.

In this week’s video, Derk van Balen, researcher of farm systems and soil at WUR Open Crops, shows the differences between the conventional harvesters and this fixed tramline harvester.

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The field robot day in Lelystad (the Netherlands) was organized by NPPL and Farm of the Future. NPPL is a Dutch organization that helps and supports farmers to apply precision techniques on their farms.

Tamar Haarmans Web editor
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