Planet acquires VanderSat

15-11-2021 | |
Photo: VanderSat
Photo: VanderSat

Planet, provider of daily data and insights about Earth, acquires VanderSat, a provider of advanced earth data and analytics. Adding Vandersat’s all-weather data products to Planet’s global monitoring is to bring greater value to users in agriculture.

VanderSat provides insights to – amongst others – agricultural customers by drawing from NASA, ESA and JAXA satellite data, and has built a suite of novel products that report on key conditions on the Earth’s surface, like soil moisture, land surface temperature, vegetation optical depth, and biomass. VanderSat’s algorithms deliver daily, global data products with, unhindered by changing cloud-cover and atmospheric conditions.

Easier-to-consume data

Planet says it aims “to bridge the gap between real-world problems and the complexity of remote-sensing science. VanderSat is another step towards that goal with their advanced analytics. We believe their products will help to accelerate and expand Planet’s position in one of the most important verticals – agriculture. For example, easier-to-consume data can enable modeling to help financial institutions and insurers quantify climate impacts on water availability and crop production.”

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming