VIDEO: Unridden bed plough requires precision tuning

20-01-2022 | |

The Butterfly plough, built by Wim Steverink, is specifically developed for the unridden bed or fixed tramline cultivation system. It does however still need some fine-tuning.

Near the end of 2021 Wim told us, in a video, all about the Butterfly plough. With an unridden bed system, you want to keep the soil within those fixed tramlines. The Butterfly can plough a three-meter strip of land in one pass, without a start or end furrow. In the end, an unridden bed system can improve soil fertility, soil life, water storage and even result in higher yields

In this video Derk van Balen, researcher of farm systems and soil at WUR Open Crops, tells you more about the benefits for the soil and explains why the plough still needs some fine-tuning.

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The plough was demonstrated during field robot demo day. The field robot day in Lelystad (the Netherlands) was organized by NPPL and Farm of the Future. NPPL is a Dutch organization that helps and supports farmers to apply precision techniques on their farms.

Tamar Haarmans Web editor
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