12 ventures can apply for Regenerative Farming Accelerator Programme

20-10-2023 | |
Foto: Canva
Foto: Canva

A new initiative wants to transform the landscape of sustainable agriculture as we know it. The Regenerative Farming Accelerator Programme, supported by five partners – Ecosulis/CreditNature, Cadman Capital Group, Hogan Lovells/HL BaSE, Muzinich & Co, and Bankers for Net ZeroI – will kickstart a journey toward a greener future. 12 ventures can make an application for this programme.

This programme will empower a select group of 12 pioneering ventures, spanning both land and sea, who are dedicated to regenerative farming and sustainable solutions.

The Regenerative Farming Accelerator Programme will take participants on a journey through a series of events and initiatives:

  1. Networking Events in London: The programme’s launch will be celebrated with an event at the House of Commons, setting the stage for a series of networking gatherings. These events will provide a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to connect, share insights, and forge partnerships.
  2. 8-Week Virtual Programme: Starting in March, the virtual programme will provide 1-3 hours of intensive support each week, equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to succeed in the regenerative farming sector.
  3. Pitch Event: In May 2024, the 12 ventures will have the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas and projects in front of a panel of investors and potential clients.

Land and sea

Why both land and sea? The answer is simple: the interconnectedness between these two ecosystems is undeniable. From nitrogen runoff to nutrient management and pollution control, addressing the challenges faced by both land and sea is essential for a sustainable future.

Each of the programme’s partners will play a role in shaping the success of these ventures:

  • They will attend exclusive networking events, fostering meaningful connections with the programme’s participants. Partners will lead workshops and mentorship sessions, sharing their expertise and insights.
  • Farm visits will provide partners with firsthand experience of regenerative farming, allowing them to integrate these ventures into their supply chains and investment strategies.
  • Collaboration between the private sector and regenerative farming ventures will pave the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.


Applications for the Regenerative Farming Accelerator Programme are open until 22 December 2023. The final 12 ventures will be selected by the end of January, marking the beginning of a journey that will continue through February, March, and beyond.

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Ed Asscheman Online editor Future Farming