Future Farming to host seminar on Smart Arable Farming

06-06-2018 | |
Future Farming to host seminar on Smart Arable Farming

Run your arable farm smarter! The use of drones, big data and precision farming techniques are becoming a crucial part of arable farming. Learn more at our special event, organised by Future Farming during the upcoming VIV Europe and Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Speakers will touch on the use of big data to get the most out of arable crops, the project NPPL, which is a testbed for precision farming in the Netherlands and we delve deeper in smart ways to increase yield locally, and secure food globally.

The line-up is:

Jan Brouwer
Agriculture and Food at Microsoft
The use of data and artificial intelligence in agriculture

Corné Kempenaar
Wageningen University & Research
National testbed for precision farming

Jürgen Decloedt
VITO Remote Sensing
Increase yields locally, secure food globally

Future Farming Theatre

The event will be held in the Future Farming Theatre, organised by Future Farming’ publishing company Proagrica, on 20 June. The event starts at 13.00pm. Entrance is free. It takes place in room Quest, Supernova in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht – this is also the location of VIV Europe and GFIA Europe.

Apart from sessions on Smart Farming for arable farmers, visitors can also opt to attend sessions on Smart Poultry Farming, Smart Pig Farming and Smart Dairy Farming. These events takes place on 21 June.

In 2017, the 1st edition of the GFIA Europe took place, see a video feature of it here. At the event, Future Farming also held the 1st edition of its Smart Arable Farming session, with presentations from Sjaak Wolfert from Wageningen UR in the Netherlands, who gave a short overview of smart farming in agriculture / outdoor cropping systems and how big data is used to boost efficiency and production. Jérémie Wainstain, CEO of The Green Data spoke about how to extract value from your data.

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Emmy Koeleman Editor: All About Feed & Dairy Global