Now live: The 1st edition of Future Farming 2018

21-02-2018 | |
Now live: The 1st edition of Future Farming 2018

Future Farming’s first edition of 2018 is now online. It’s amazing to discover that modern technology allows us to take big steps forward in farming and – at the same time – brings us back to the basics of agriculture, where it is essential to learn how to be careful with the basic elements: soil, water and healthy crops.

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As can read on the cover of the latest magazine: ‘Spoil your soil’. Basically, you can’t spoil it enough. The more attention you pay it and the better the soil is, the more it rewards you. US-farmers have proven that 40 years of being economical, pays in the end. It is also important to note when your arable land seems to be exhausted – in this case proper action needs to be taken to help it heal again.

Apart from the soil component, we also take a look in the (near) future at how New Holland chooses new engines, which run on natural gas instead of diesel. And that the cabin of the future is already here. Or can we let robotised tractors take over?

Did you know data models exist that can predict tuber size? And do you know why big manufacturers of tractors are investing in weather data systems? For all this information and much more, check out the latest Future Farming issue.

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Van Hattum
Bas Van Hattum Editor-in-chief TREKKER