Case IH AFS Connect manages farm, fleet and data

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Case IH AFS Connect manages farm, fleet and data
Case IH AFS Connect manages farm, fleet and data

Case IH has enhanced the Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect farm management system, putting operators in control of their farm from anywhere.

Through integrated solutions that link farm, fleet and data, Case IH AFS Connect is to help optimize time by delivering information to make informed agronomic decisions. Case IH worked with over 220 producers to develop AFS Connect, determining their data management needs and addressing them.

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3 portals

AFS Connect features 3 portals – farm management, fleet management and data management – that users can operate from any desktop, tablet or mobile device: Farm Management, Fleet Management and Data Management. Standard AFS Connect subscriptions include Fleet Management, while advanced subscriptions provide access to additional features in the Farm Management and Data Management portals.

Farm Management

“Managing field data can be time-consuming. AFS Connect saves valuable time by offering robust farm management technology, allowing producers to gather and visualize field and application data to obtain better agronomic insights,” says Case IH.

With AFS Connect, users can remotely monitor their operations using the AFS Connect portal, obtain a bird’s-eye view of their fields, view prescriptions and agronomic data, locate equipment, monitor individual machine performance and more.

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Data easier to interpret

According to the manufacturer, AFS Connect makes field data easier to interpret. “Producers can view every field operation, from spring tillage all the way through harvest, bringing together data from multiple machines. Satellite maps help visualize multiple layers of agronomic data, allowing producers to determine solutions to longstanding problems. For instance, yield data across a field can be cross-referenced with its history, which can be used to identify areas for improvement and make better informed agronomic decisions as a result.”

Field setup data shared with multiple pieces of equipment

AFS Connect field data also can be distributed according to specific producer needs. From a single location, farm managers can provide operators with necessary field information required to get equipment running at optimal performance. Field setup data, such as guidance lines, boundaries and prescriptions, can be shared with multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously for maximum time-saving and ease-of-use.

Multiple vehicle management options

The Connect fleet management technology “delivers machine-tracking capabilities that producers need to make the most of their time, while enhancing performance for maximum productivity,”, says Case IH. The Fleet Management portal provides multiple vehicle management options to encourage optimal equipment performance. “From field machines to road vehicles, operators can easily monitor everything on the dash in the cab, along with machine hours, service needs and more.”

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Case IH AFS Connect manages farm, fleet and data

Track and receive mobile equipment data

Equipment parameter notifications can be configured to track and receive mobile equipment data, informing producers about machine speed, fluid temperature and pressure, and more via customizable text alerts if a machine operates outside a preset value. Should problems arise, farm managers can proactively plan and execute maintenance on connected vehicles.

Data Management

Data is gathered in the cloud and displayed back to producers immediately. “Producers can seamlessly transfer 2-way data – down to the field level – with trusted partners in the field or away from it, visualizing and sharing insights to make informed decisions about every aspect of the operation,” according to the manufacturer.

AFS Connect is compatible with equipment Model Year 2010 and newer.

6 partnering service providers added to AFS Connect

Case IH announces 6 initial partners to further promote seamless data transfer capabilities between its AFS Connect farm management system and a budding list of service providers. Case IH equipment owners and operators can connect their accounts with these agriculture-focused third-party companies to make use of their data or receive field information:

  • AgDNA: a farm management software platform that combines precision farming, IoT and Artificial Intelligence to help commercial crop producers increase yield, reduce input costs and maximize profitability.
  • Cropio: a web-based productivity management system that facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land and enables its users to plan and carry out agricultural operations.
  • Farmers Business Network: a farmer-to-farmer network that provides actionable insights into agronomic practices, input price data and seed performance, in addition to helping farmers market their crops, get financing, and lock in crop insurance and health insurance.
  • Farmers Edge: integrates field-centric data, easy-to-use software, processing technology, predictive modeling and advanced analytics.
  • Mapshots AgStudio & Granular: AgStudio is an agronomic data management software application which supports a workflow from automating soil testing to facilitating the generation of variable rate fertility and variable rate seeding recommendations.
  • Trimble Ag Software: a fully integrated desktop, cloud and mobile software solution. Users of Farmer Fit or Farmer Pro offerings would utilize this API connection.

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