Farmers Edge partners with Google Cloud

04-02-2021 | |
Photo: BusinessWire
Photo: BusinessWire

Farmers Edge has entered into a long-term strategic agreement with Google Cloud to market agtech services and bolster the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics in its platform. The two companies will launch a global co-sell initiative delivering the next generation of high-tech tools to farmers and agribusiness.

The Farmers Edge digital platform – FarmCommand – will receive a series of enhancements to enable near real-time carbon and sustainability tracking, simplified insurance reporting and claims management, and other advanced tools for retailers and financial providers.

“Limitless opportunities”

“The opportunities to better serve the needs of all stakeholders across the digital agricultural ecosystem with Google Cloud are limitless,” says Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge CEO and founder. “By working together, we can digitise more acres, generate more impactful insights, create more value, and deliver on our commitment to building the most comprehensive, intelligent, and connected platform available.”

FarmCommand as service on Google Cloud

“The agriculture industry is increasingly looking to digitally transform business processes, particularly as organisations seek to minimise costs and maximise sustainability,” says Avanish Sahai, Vice President, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re proud to partner with Farmers Edge to accelerate the industry’s move to the cloud and to deliver its digital platform as a service on Google Cloud, bringing customers global scale and enabling access to capabilities in AI, ML, and analytics.”

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming