Farmplan Gatekeer connected to Hummingbird

24-12-2019 | |
Foto: Jan Willem van Vliet
Foto: Jan Willem van Vliet

Farmplan’s Gatekeeper can now supply field data to Hummingbird Technologies’ crop analytics solution.

Farmplan’s complete crop management system, Gatekeeper, now has the capability to supply permissioned field data to Hummingbird Technologies’ advanced crop analytics solution, Proagrica have announced.

“One of the biggest barriers to leveraging the benefits of precision agriculture is connecting and integrating diverse data sources,” said Alistair Knott, Proagrica’s Precision Agriculture Development Director.

Removing restrictions

“At present, farmers are forced to re-enter essential field data, even when that data is already in their farm management system. To remove this restriction, we have been actively developing and promoting a better option for our farmers. They now have the ability to seamlessly and securely permission their cropping and/or operation data by field, in a standardised format, efficiently delivered via an API.”

Receive analysis and variable rate application plans

“We are really pleased to have partnered with Farmplan’s Gatekeeper software,” explained Will Wells, Founder & CEO, Hummingbird Technologies. “Integration is one of the key blockers to adoption in this industry. Farmers are fed-up with inputting the same data into multiple platforms, and this solves at least part of that problem. From now on, all farmers who have their field boundaries and cropping information stored in Gatekeeper will be able to seamlessly send this information to Hummingbird. They then receive analysis and variable rate application plans including Variable Rate Seed, Nutrition, PGR and Fungicide from the Hummingbird platform without ever having to re-enter their cropping information each season.”

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming