Farmtopia – European project paving the way for Digital Farming accessible to all

24-11-2023 | |
Foto: Farmtopia
Foto: Farmtopia

Farmtopia, a Horizon Europe project running from September 2023 to August 2026, aims to democratise digital farming, focusing on small-scale farmers.

With 22 partners from 12 countries, Farmtopia addresses the limited adoption of Agricultural Digital Solutions (ADSs) despite substantial investments. These technological solutions hold potential to boost the economic and environmental performance of the agricultural sector, especially for small farms struggling to access cost-effective digital solutions that are suitable for their needs.

The coordination team of the project explained that Farmtopia envisioned impact includes providing access to validated ADSs to over 64,000 small farms. “The project will facilitate the co-creation of Agriculture Digital Solutions (ADSs) to ensure they will solve real problems, fit the needs of small farms, and be cost-effective. Thus, we will set up 18 Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs). Out of these, 9 pilots have been pre-selected, while the remaining 9 will be granted through an Open Call process. These SIPs primarily focus on crops and livestock, addressing the underdeveloped and insufficient existing Agricultural Digital Solutions (ADSs) while also spotlighting regionally important crops. The ADSs will be validated in various countries across Europe.”

Farmtopia will also develop reusable software modules, business and governance models, and scalable infrastructure for ADSs, which will reduce costs for both farmers and ADS providers.

Farmtopia’s open call for innovation

The upcoming Open Call will enable the co-creation and testing of smart solutions for small farms by 9 new Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs). These farms will benefit from Farmtopia’s reusable software modules. A total of € 900,000, equating to € 100,000 per SIP will be distributed.

Ed Asscheman Online editor Future Farming
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