AGCO’s vision for autonomy accelerates with FarmFacts acquisition

22-11-2023 | |
Photo: Next Farming
Photo: Next Farming

AGCO, a global agricultural tractor and machinery manufacture, is on the forefront of digital transformation. Following its groundbreaking joint venture with Trimble, which aims for complete autonomy in crop cycles by 2030, AGCO is taking next steps with the acquisition of FarmFacts’ German data platform and the launch of AGCO Ventures.

In a strategic move to consolidate its position in smart agriculture, AGCO has signed an agreement to acquire digital assets from FarmFacts GmbH, a leading provider of Farm Management Information Software (FMIS) based in Pfarrkirchen, Germany. This acquisition enriches AGCO’s FMIS offering, expanding its precision farming capabilities to meet the evolving data management needs of farmers worldwide.

Significance of the Acquisition

FarmFacts is renowned for its FMIS solutions, providing essential digital tools for farmers, including field action plans and guidance for navigation (AB lines). AGCO’s move strategically strengthens its presence in Germany and Europe, ensuring a comprehensive range of precision farming solutions.

Technological Arsenal of FarmFacts

The flagship products of FarmFacts, namely the NEXT Farming AG Office application and the NEXT Farming Live data platform, bring a wealth of possibilities. FarmFacts’ products include the NEXT Farming AG Office application and the NEXT Farming Live data platform and offer customized solutions that include documentation, fertilizer requirements for site-specific management and connections to all the major farm equipment terminals.

AGCO Ventures – nurturing Innovation

AGCO Ventures is introduced as an initiative to actively seek and support groundbreaking technologies. This program will explore collaborations with startups, venture capital funds, incubators, accelerators, and research institutions. AGCO is strategically placing itself at the forefront of technological innovation in agriculture.

Full autonomy in crop cycles by 2030

In conclusion, AGCO’s recent moves underscore its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, ensuring farmers are equipped with the latest advancements in smart agriculture. These initiatives mark a significant stride towards AGCO’s vision of comprehensive autonomy in crop cycles by 2030.

Geert Hekkert Chief editor of Future Farming