Russian project to digitise agriculture

21-07-2020 | |
Russian project to digitise agriculture
Russian project to digitise agriculture

Three Russian IT companies have joined forces to design a new comprehensive solution in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, with the eventual target to enhance the digitalisation of Russian agriculture.

Digital Agro, Agrosignal, and Cognitive Pilot plan to design a hardware-software solution “for gathering, processing, and transforming telemetric data, as well as consolidating all the business operations of an enterprise in a single digital environment.” This complex should also feature an autosteer system for agricultural machinery.

Single interface for farm operations

“Using the complex, companies would be able to solve their tasks of ensuring the efficient use of machinery, and strengthening control of agricultural and operational works within a single interface,” a spokesperson for Digital Agro explained.

Farmers will be able to control crop rotation based on historical data and knowledge of the soil and climate in the area of operation and set highly specific tasks to machinery operators and monitor their performance in real-time, the companies announced.

Cut costs by up to 20%

The ERP solution is to enable farmers to cut their costs by up to 20% through consolidation and real-time management of enterprise data, the companies said.

The alliance set a target to introduce their new solution to at least 30% Russian agricultural companies, covering agricultural fields of around 20 million ha. The overall sales are predicted to reach Rub20 billion ($ 320 million) by 2023.

Increase Russian grain harvest

With a wide distribution, among other goals, the new solution would increase the overall Russian grain harvest.

“In future, companies plan also to promote the technology on the global market,” the spokesperson said, not giving any additional details.

So far, only 15% of Russian farmers say they‘re using digital technologies. During a government meeting on May 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Agricultural Ministry to enhance the digitalisation of Russian agriculture in order to make it more effective.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Correspondent for Russia