The new Topcon Cloudlynk-10 communications module

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The new Topcon Cloudlynk-10 communications module

Remote access to the new Topcon Agricultural Platform (TAP) cloud-based farm data ‘ecosystem’ is available via the new Cloudlynk-10 device. It adds cellular and Wi-Fi data exchange capability to Topcon in-cab consoles, used for guidance and implement control.

Topcon X353x2

Cloudlynk-10 also facilitates communication between Topcon consoles such as the range-topping X10 when running the latest Horizon software.

The communications module uses Topcon’s updated Horizon software to connect the X14, X25, X30 and new X35 consoles to other terminals, using Wi-Fi to access the TAP via a global cellular contact providing worldwide coverage.

Cloudlynk-10 hardware

An information sharing application is designed to allow seamless transfer of as-applied data from the ‘X’ consoles into TAP and for prescription maps created in the farm management software and via third parties to be accessible to the consoles.


Remote access to TAP is available via the new Cloudlynk-10 device.

The Cloudlynk-10 hardware also provides access to Topcon’s new XTEND feature in the Horizon console operating system, which allows users to manage control applications via mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Product summary

  • Company: Topcon
  • Name: Cloudlynk-10
  • Type: Communications module
  • Key feature: Provides access and console-to-console communications via the Topcon Agriculture Platform using Wi-Fi and cellular technology
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