US partnership adds muscle to farming data management tool

28-04-2017 | |
US partnership adds muscle to farming data management tool

One of the largest farm machinery dealerships in the US and a major co-operative in Canada have teamed up with software specialist Decisive Farming to offer precision agronomics and other management tools.

They join existing partners, including Rocky Mountain Equipment in Western Canada, AgroDynamics in north-west Saskatchewan and Double Diamond Farm Supply in southern Manitoba.

Alberta-based Decisive Farming provides management solutions to crop farmers and agriculture service providers, with a focus on precision agronomics, crop marketing and information management services.

These are integrated through the web-based My Farm Manager platform, which communicates with equipment telematics systems to automatically capture field records and data.

Data management platform

In the US, Titan Machinery is rolling out this data management platform to its field staff and getting them trained before offering customers across Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota a suite of more than 10 farm management services, with more expected in the future.

Federated Co-operatives, one of the largest agricultural supplies retailers in Western Canada, is doing likewise through its 125 Co-op Agro Stores.

Variable-rate services

Remi Schmaltz, CEO at Decisive Farming, said: “Our variable-rate services have a proven track record and Co-op can offer these same services to its growers without capital investment, years of in-field trials or having to build software and apps from the ground up.

“Our flagship product, Optimize RX, combines soil analysis and GIS mapping to help farmers use seed and fertiliser efficiently, and maximise yield and return on investment.

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“The cloud-based software app, My Farm Manager, connects key service providers, sensors and data, to help users manage and optimise their entire farming operation.” He maintains a US$20/acre gain in net profitability is typical for Optimize RX users.

Peter Hill Machinery writer