AutoAgri and Ekobot initiate collabration

28-02 | |
Ekobot weeding tool. - Photo: Ekobot
Ekobot weeding tool. - Photo: Ekobot

AutoAgri AS and Ekobot enter a collabration with the aim to adapt the Ekobot intelligent weeding tool to the AutoAgri autonomous implement carrier.

The initial goal is to setup a commercial demonstration with a Norwegian customer during the third quarter of 2024. It is then intented to be offered to the market for commercial deliveries in 2025.

Ekobot has an intelligent and autonomous weeding tool. With a combination of sensor data and a decision module, powered by the Ekobot artificial intelligence engine, the system can with very high accuracy distinguish between crop and weed. The system then mechanically removes weeds and create optimal conditions for the valuable crop.

Traditional tractors and intelligent equipment

AutoAgri is a Norwegian manufacturer of a fully autonomous and electrically powered implement carrier. The solution offers reduced cost, less soil compaction and a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional solutions. The AutoAgri autonomous implement carrier is equipped with a standardized interface to fit equipment designed for traditional tractors as well as new and intelligent equipment.

By combining the Ekobot weeding tool and the AutoAgri implement carrier, the farmer is offered a flexible solution that, in addition to autonomous weeding, can also be used for other processes and tasks.

Ed Asscheman Online editor Future Farming