Swedish institute build tractor Drever 120 with battery swap system

Drever 120
Drever 120

The electric autonomous agriculture machine Drever 120 was shown during the Borgeby Fältdagar in Sweden. The tractor is built by Traktorarvid, Arvid Örde, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, HydraSpecma, Regal Components and Micropower Group

The prototype Drever 120 is designed and build by Traktorarvid Arvid Örde and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The navigation system is open source WayWise by RISE. Batteries by Micropower Group and hydraulics by Regal Components AB and HydraSpecma. Drever 120 uses a modular battery swap system which is developed in collaboration partly financed by FFI. Harrow from Väderstad AB, Sweden.

The all-electric Drever 120 field robot with articulated steering looks a bit like the 30-hp SoftiRover e-K18 electric articulated tractor shown at the Fira Robot event in Toulouse in early 2023.  It was one of the autonomous vehicles on demo that drew lots of attention and its due to go on sale in 2023.

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Visit of EU agriculture ministers

The EU agriculture ministers made a visit to the Testbed Digitalised Agriculture and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden as a part of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. According to Peter Kullgren, minister for Rural Affairs, Sweden, the study visits were an opportunity to highlight the meaningful role that innovations such as electrified agricultural vehicles will play in the next stage in development. “Sweden is a leader in this area, and the visits were greatly appreciated and inspiring.”

During the visit of the minsters they talked about agrifoodTEF funded by European Commission and the member states and how we, and the other 30 partners in 9 European countries, will help SMEs with AI and robotics in agriculture.

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