VIDEO: 4 fascinating farming robots at World FIRA 2021

07-01-2022 | |

These 4 robots also attended the World FIRA 2021 in Toulouse, some relatively new and some already well-known.

This year’s event was available to attend live and/or online. Of course, Future Farming had to pay a live visit to the event, to be able to see the 13 field robots that were presented in person.

World FIRA is an annual event in Toulouse where commercially available field robots and concept field robots are presented to the public. Next to the opportunity to see the newest robots, there were workshops, webinars, pitches and demos on ag robotics to see and attend.

In this video, among two others, Anna Sprinzl presents the new Robotti LR, and Colin Cheballier tells you more about the Exxact Robotics Traxx

Tamar Haarmans Web editor
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