High-tech muckspreader offers more accurate applications

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High-tech muckspreader offers more accurate applications

Weigh cells and an electronic monitoring and control system equip a novel manure spreader for precision applications and data recording.

The Xcel spreader, built in Ireland by HiSpec Engineering, uses a rear-mounted chain flail spreading mechanism that emulates the shredding effect of “sideflinger” spreaders. But this layout provides much greater load capacity – up to 12t – with materials such as yard manure, sludge cake, muck lime, wood mulch and chicken litter typically discharged in 3 to 5 minutes.

A single-slat conveyor using two marine-grade chains with variable-speed hydraulic drive feeds the shredding mechanism, which comprises 22 heavy duty chains, each carrying a 22mm Hardox steel flail head.

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These are enclosed by a hood, made from 4mm wear-resistant Hardox steel, for maximum shredding. An adjustable plate fine-tunes the flow of shredded material on to the 2 spinners that distribute across widths up to 24m. This makes the machine suitable for use in controlled traffic systems with permanent tramlines at that spacing, points out HiSpec Engineering.

HiSpec Xcel spreader 02


Xcel spreader’s touchscreen terminal

Weigh cells fitted to the chassis when the optional precision spreading option is added enable the Isobus-compliant RDS iSOCAN Apollo control terminal. It regulates conveyor speed relative to ground speed to maintain a consistent application rate.

And since the colour touchscreen terminal is compatible with third-party precision farming products with satellite positioning (GNSS), the spreader can work to variable-application maps and automatic headland on/off control. Alternatively, the simpler Digi-Star GT400 weighing system can be installed for operators who simply want to record the amount of product applied.

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