Perkins engine app tracks service needs

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Perkins engine app tracks service needs

The SmartCap can replace any engine oil filler cap to record when the engine is started and stopped, and this information builds a pattern of usage that enables a pre-service alert to be sent via the My Engine app.

Farmers and contractors are increasingly aware of the benefits that on-board data collection and telemetry systems can bring to agricultural vehicle and implement management, particularly in terms of usage information and service alerts.

Now, diesel engine manufacturer Perkins has adopted the concept for its engines – and in a simple way that requires no special infrastructure and incurs no ongoing costs.

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Any operator can purchase the Perkins SmartCap – it is currently available in Australia, Canada, European Union countries and the USA. You screw it in place of the regular oil filler cap and then link it to the Perkins My Engine app for portable devices such as smartphones as part of a simple engine registration procedure.

Records operating hours and usage pattern

By detecting the vibration generated when an engine is running, the SmartCap then records the operating hours and usage pattern, which is logged by Perkins Engines and (with the user’s permission) shared with the operator’s nearest distributor.

When an engine nears its next service, the My Engine app raises an alert and provides details, including part numbers, of the relevant consumables required.

Track servicing requirements

Michael Wright, Perkins Engines aftermarket general manager, says: “The SmartCap and My Engine app enable Perkins users to easily track engine use and servicing requirements.

“They can also locate their nearest Perkins distributor, see parts information and receive service updates, all in one place.”

App gives access to maintenance manual

In addition, the app provides access to an operating maintenance manual for the engine registered and the opportunity to maintain a service record. It can also show the location of a vehicle powered by a registered engine.

The SmartCap can be used with any Perkins mechanical or electronic power unit, as it has a universal fitting.

Product summary

  • Company: Perkins Engines Company
  • Name: SmartCap and My Engine app
  • Type: Data-recording device
  • Key feature: SmartCap registers vibration to record engine running hours and on/off use patterns. My Engine app provides ‘next service due’ push notifications and details of consumables required
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