senseFly partners with Trimble and Microsoft

30-12-2019 | |
Photo: senseFly
Photo: senseFly

senseFly’s fixed-wing drones will be distributed through the Trimble Agricultural network in North America and Europe.

senseFly has announced new strategic partnerships with Trimble and Microsoft. senseFly’s distribution agreement with Trimble, as part of its Trimble Select list of preferred partners, will see senseFly products distributed via the Trimble Agriculture network, giving agriculture professionals across North America and Europe direct access to senseFly products.

Providing efficient crop insights

“This will be particularly beneficial in helping agronomists, farmers and researchers accurately plan and manage their operations, as the eBee X and its suite of sensors add value throughout the growing season by providing efficient crop insights,” states senseFly.

Partnership with Microsoft Azure FarmBeats

The company also announced a partnership with Microsoft Azure FarmBeats. Azure FarmBeats combines IoT sensors, UAVs and more, to collect and analyse large amounts of agriculture data. The data are then used to develop new artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide actionable insights to farmers.

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming