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News last update:5 Nov 2019

Reichhardt launches smart farming app at Agritechnica

German company Reichhardt will introduce the Smart Command app at Agritechnica 2019.

Smart Command is a new app for smart farming applications via mobile devices. The app includes an automatic steering system, Section Control and Variable Rate Control.

Communication via WiFi

The communication with the vehicle is made via WiFi and is ISO compatible. The ISO FLEX TC module sets up the wireless connection to the Isobus, handles the translation to mobile reception and WiFi as well as the licence management. Android and Windows based consumer devices are utilised as common ISO VT.

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Reichhardt launches smart farming app at Agritechnica

Data exchange

According to Reichhardt, working steps can be started when needed (ad hoc). Information such as working times, application rates and the kind of work are documented on the mobile devices. Data is being exhanged with the on-farm PC online.

Smart Command does not necessarily need an online connection, as the data is saved on the consumer device. The app works brand-independent and integrates vehicles and implements of all brands.

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