2022 top 5: Best read articles about spraying

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2022 top 5: Best read articles about spraying

The demand for sustainability-improving technology has increased a lot. Sprayer manufacturers are responding by developing technology to increase precision and to ensure every drop counts.

This week, coming up to the end of 2022, we look back at the content we have shared over the year. In the coming days, you will find the top 5 listings of the best-read articles on field robots, drones, spraying and autonomy.

Listed below are the 5 best-read articles about spraying in 2022.

Precise spray systems compared: Five ways to radically reduce chemical use

Crop protection products are under intense scrutiny and pressure. Many important active ingredients have been banned or withdrawn and many others are facing the same fate. In the EU the plan is to reduce the use of pesticides by 50% by 2030. Read more…

This is how Verdant Robotics plans to attract farmers

The idea for Verdant Robotics arose while cofounder Curtis Garner was working for a large farming enterprise. They started off in apples until a large carrot grower ‘grabbed them by the nose’. Read more…

SIMA 2022: This is the most striking mechanisation news

On Sunday 6 November, SIMA 2022 officially kicked off in Paris. In this overview, Future Farming shows the most striking mechanisation news. Read more…

Pyka Pelican on doorstep of getting commercial approval in US

The fully autonomous Pelican crop spraying aircraft has now successfully completed the final stage of flight demonstration for commercial approval in the US. Read more…

Russian project explores use of drones in rice growing

Drones were used for seeding, spraying and fertilising in order to reduce inputs and increase yields in rice growing. Read more…

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