AgroScout acquires TerrAvion assets

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AgroScout imagery services on multiple devices. - Photo: AgroScout
AgroScout imagery services on multiple devices. - Photo: AgroScout

Agro analytics platform AgroScout has acquired the assets of TerrAvion. Current AgroScout and TerrAvion clients will have access to a combination of aerial and satellite imagery products and precision agriculture services for their fields.

TerrAvion filed for bankruptcy in 2020. The company, founded in 2013, offered subscription-based imagery delivery services included colour, NDVI and thermal. It’s main product was called OverView, which supplied images of crop through the entire growing season.

The AgroScout crop-monitoring and analytics platform collects user-generated data to create AI tools providing actionable insights in crop management. The platform aims to enable improved yield predictions prior to harvest.

With the acquisition of TerrAvion, AgroScout says it strengthens its agro analytics capabilities in providing enhanced features such as high-resolution NDVI services and high-definition RGB.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming
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