365ActiveBox: automatic documentation for any machine

14-11-2017 | |
365ActiveBox: automatic documentation for any machine

365FarmNet introduces the new 365ActiveBox, which enables any machine of any age to document data and applications automatically.

According to the German company, there’s a need for a simple solution for lower spec and older tractors, vehicles, machines and equipment and facilities like storages for silage and cereals that have no Isobus aboard, or maybe even no electronics.

365FarmNet application

The yellow 365ActiveBox, about the size of modern smartphone and 5 centimetres thick, just needs to be mounted (permanently) to the vehicle or object concerned. It communicates via Bluetooth with an app installed on a tablet and/or smartphone available nearby, like in the cab of a tractor or harvester.


365ActiveBox. Photo credit: René Koerhuis

After setting the parameters to be measured, the internet connected device sends the data to the online 365FarmNet application for further evaluation. Measured parameters include tractor type or number, equipment type and characteristics like working width, (tank) volume, weight bridge measurement and operator details.

The 365ActiveBox

The 365ActiveBox is intended especially for farmers that are hesitant to adopt Isobus tractors and equipment or simply don’t have or need multiple Isobus compatible equipment. The 365Active app is currently available in German, French and Polish and intended for use in the corresponding countries.

Other (international) languages and countries will follow, since 365FarmNet aims at worldwide availability. The 365ActiveBox is for sale at €120 per unit. In addition, an annual fee of €1/ha is applicable. The 365Active app itself is available for free for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

René Koerhuis Precision Farming Specialist