Agribotix enhances FarmLens with JD Ops Center

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Agribotix enhances FarmLens with JD Ops Center

US-based Agribotix has enhanced integration of its FarmLens data processing and analytics platform with John Deere Operations Center to provide easier access to crop scouting data.

Agribotix FarmLens Is Cross Platform3x2

The FarmLens data processing and analytics Cloud-based platform can be viewed on office computers and mobile devices.

The company’s FarmLens Cloud-based platform for data collected by drone scouting provides NVDI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) maps. These show relative vegetation health within a field and it generates reports formatted to enable users to create a variable rate application map.

Agribotix Digital Scouting Report

FarmLens creates a Shape File (SHP) that contains the information necessary to create a 5m or 10m (16ft or 32ft) grid management zone map that Agribotix says is compatible with most agricultural data management packages.

Agribotix FarmLens - multiple field visualisation 013x2

Single- or multiple-field visualisations can be viewed in FarmLens or downloaded in a format suitable for Google Earth.

In addition, the Agribotix Digital Scouting Report combines whole-field evaluations with field-specific weather- and location-tagged photos and comments and includes a visualisation in FarmLens or on Google Earth.

Digital Scouting Reports with FarmLens

The newly-enhanced integration allows FarmLens and John Deere Operations Center users to access their Digital Scouting Reports, shape files and other reports directly in their Operations Center account – so all relevant data is easily accessible from one place.

Agribotix FarmLens DSR DVI+VRA 013x2

Field health and variable rate application views from a FarmLens Digital Scouting Report.

FarmLens can also be used by agronomy companies and machinery dealers to provide field scouting and data handling services, using the platform to send drone scouting results directly to their customer Operations Center accounts.

Agribotix FarmLens DSR weather 013x2

Weather data in a FarmLens Digital Scouting Report.

In addition to the Cloud platform, Agribotix supplies DJI Phantom 4 Pro quadcopter and eBee SQ fixed wing drones equipped for crop scouting.

Product summary

  • Company: Agribotix
  • Name: FarmLens
  • Type: Drone scouting data processing and analysis
  • Key feature: Enhanced integration with John Deere Operations Center so users can access all data from one place
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