Claas launches add-on control terminal for Lexion combines

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Claas launches add-on control terminal for Lexion combines

A dedicated terminal for the Cemos settings and automation system available on Claas Lexion combines means the built-in terminal can be be used to permanently display machine and guidance information.

Claas CEMOS Advisor app 01

Claas CEMOS Advisor app

The 12in touch-screen version of the Cebis Mobile terminal can be used to operate and monitor the base Cemos combine operating system package, which provides settings guidance, the optional Cemos Automatic version, which automates a number of functions, and the grain quality, cleaning and dialog options.

Claas says the high-resolution colour touch screen makes it quick and easy to set up and monitor these functions via a silhouette of the combine that displays settings for all the main functional areas of the machine, such as rotor and fan speed, grain moisture and grain tank fill level.

Two slide controls at the bottom of the screen allow the operator to alter the priority balance between grain cleaning, straw quality and tonnes per hour throughput.

Claas Cemos Advisor app 02

Claas CEMOS Advisor app

Cemos Mobile

With Cemos Dialog installed, the operator sees suggestions for improvement in throughput or quality and can select them simply by tapping the screen. The operator can also adjust sensitivity of the Grain Quality feature when installed; this uses a camera on the grain auger to monitor the proportion of broken grains and the amount of non-grain constituents in the sample.

In the “cockpit” area of the display beneath the combine silhouette, Cemos Mobile shows the Cruise Pilot auto speed control status and the factor limiting combine performance at any time.

Claas Cemos Advisor app 03

Claas CEMOS Advisor app

It provides access to settings that will mitigate the performance-limiting factor and to the Cruise Pilot mode selector, which enables the operator to prioritise constant speed, constant throughput and constant throughput with a grain loss ceiling.

Product summary
Company: Claas
Name: Cebis Mobile
Type: Display terminal
Key feature: Provides dedicated screen for operating and monitoring the Cemos settings guidance and automation features that are available on Claas Lexion combines.

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