How the new IsoMatch FarmCentre telematics by Kverneland works

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How the new IsoMatch FarmCentre telematics by Kverneland works

Any isobus equipped Kverneland or Vicon implement can be tracked and its work recorded using the new telematics solution IsoMatch FarmCentre, from Kverneland Group.

IsoMatch FarmCentre operates in combination with Kverneland’s isobus-compliant Tellus GO and Tellus PRO displays, to gather data from the host tractor and the implements it operates for transmission to storage and analysis in a web application.

Kverneland IsoMatch TellusPRO_Startscreen2

IsoMatch FarmCentre is operated through the IsoMatch Tellus GO single screen or more powerful PRO twin display (pictured) touch terminals.

The system can be used to locate and track the movement of farm implements in real time, gather data on fuel and oil consumption, review how fields have been worked, and gather data on work rates.

IsoMatch FarmCentre

Machine errors and breakdowns can trigger alerts to the FarmCentre web application.

Quantities of bales produced, the amount of fertiliser spread and amount of spray mix applied can be recorded and accessed remotely by computer, tablet or smartphone.

Kverneland IsoMatch-FarmCentre-laptop-Vicon

Kverneland Group’s IsoMatch technology product line now include FarmCentre, a telematics solution for isobus compliant farm vehicles and implements of any make.

Operators can receive field task job instructions in the field, then update and return them as job reports once the work is completed, to automate record-keeping, provide data for analysis and streamline administration tasks such as invoicing.

Product summary

  • Company: Kverneland Group
  • Name: IsoMatch FarmCentre
  • Type: Telematics machine monitoring and data collection
  • Key feature: Uses isobus protocols, so compatible with any isobus compliant Kverneland or Vicon implement operated through Kverneland IsoMatch Tellus terminals
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