John Deere adds air boom fertiliser spreader option

20-11-2017 | |
John Deere adds air boom fertiliser spreader option

An air boom option that works across a clearly defined swath width is a new addition to the John Deere F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator.

To date, the self-propelled purpose-built applicator, which can be operated with a number of electronic and remote function technologies, has been available only with spinners on various dry box configurations.

John Deere F4365 SP dry spreader 04a

John Deere

But although the AB485 Air Boom cannot match the wide working widths of spinner systems, it does operate across a fixed width with the potential for high levels of swath-matching and fertiliser distribution accuracy.

The new option, which is factory-installed, applies dry fertiliser across 21m (70ft), with half-width shut-off catering for short work and the like.

Stainless steel tubing is used for the boom structure and to supply fertiliser by air to the broadcasting deflectors from an 8.5cu m (300cu ft) hopper, which is configured to apply one or two bulk products simultaneously.

AB485 Air Boom

Operated via SpreadStar speed-related spreading control software accessed through the John Deere 4600 CommandCenter display, the boom spreader can deliver rates up to 1,344kg/hectare (1,200lb/acre) at 16kph (10mph).

John Deere F4365 + AB485 air boom 01

John Deere

A combination of carrying capacity, up to 48kph (30mph) working speeds and a store-to-field travel speed of 74kph (46mph) means the F4365 can turn in high work rates.

AgLogic app

A 400hp engine, CVT four-wheel drive and leaf spring axle suspension also contribute to the base machine’s capabilities.

John Deere AgLogic 01a

John Deere AgLogic

AutoTrac hands-off steering provides bout-matching accuracy, while JDLink Connect data collection and wireless transfer, and the AgLogic app for tablet computers provides satnav field location, job files and remote monitoring to deliver comprehensive vehicle and task management records.

Product summary

  • Company: John Deere
  • Name: AB485 Air Boom
  • Type: Fixed width fertiliser boom
  • Key feature: Fixed working width; high application rate capability
  • More info: deere.com

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