New Holland Harvest Excellence app helps optimise harvest operations

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New Holland Harvest Excellence app helps optimise harvest operations

The Harvest Excellence advisory app for New Holland combine operators aims to help them choose the most appropriate settings for different crops and conditions.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Photo credit: Shutterstock

The Harvest Excellence app, being piloted in France, Germany, the UK and in North America before being rolled out elsewhere, is available to download on to Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices, with versions for smartphones and tablet computers.

Screen displays guide the user through the steps needed to collect information on the combine and conditions in order to formulate settings recommendations.

This includes:

  • the combine model and whether it runs on wheels or tracks
  • crop, yield potential, moisture content and straw length
  • soil type, slope and the presence of stones.

The operator can adjust the resulting settings based on experience of the field and local conditions, and save the configuration for future use – multiple configurations for different machines and crop conditions can be stored for recall.

Harvest Excellence app

New Holland’s app also offers an issue resolution service to further optimise the settings of the combine. This guides the operator through a series of adjustments, with the operator reporting at each stage whether the suggested action has resolved the issue.

If not, the app makes alternative suggestions; but once the possible solutions are exhausted, it will advise the operator to make contact with a dealer who can be called directly from the app.

Product summary
Company: New Holland
Name: Harvest Excellence
Type: Advisory app
Key feature: Suggests settings for different New Holland combines, provides step-by-step guide to resolving issues.

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