Phone app helps Claas drivers get more from their tractor

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Phone app helps Claas drivers get more from their tractor

New owners and seasonal drivers can turn to a new app to get help understanding the control functions and features of a high-spec Claas tractor.

The Claas Tractor Interactive Guide brings virtual reality and augmented reality into the world of agricultural machines to quickly provide information on a smartphone or tablet computer. It is available from the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on Google Play for Android devices.

Once installed, operators wanting to know the function of a control button, switch, joystick or warning light take an image and click on the mobile device to trigger an integrated search function, operating on the basis of the device’s position finding system.

Claas virtual cab manual app 01-c-Claas

Drivers of Claas Arion 500/600 and Axion 800/900 tractors with CVT drive can familiarise themselves or make a quick check of control and other functions using the Tractor Interactive Guide app.

Claas Tractor Interactive Guide: augmented reality

Augmented reality technology locates and identifies the control component, which might be anything from a simple indicator light to the headland management switch, before displaying illustrated text explaining the function or purpose of the item.

For more complex functions, Claas plans to make the information more easily understandable by providing explanations as tutorials.

Claas Axion 950 in-cab 01-c-Claas

The new app is intended to make it easier for operators to make use of increasingly complex tractor features and controls.

Virtual reality goggles

There is also an option to use the app with virtual reality goggles, so drivers can familiarise themselves with the layout and control functions through a 2D or 3D virtual-reality experience before stepping into the cab for real.

The app is only available for Claas CMatic infinitely variable transmission tractors – the Arion 500 and 600, and Axion 800 and 900 series – but further models are to be added.

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