Tablet app approved for in-cab machinery control

14-06-2017 | |
Tablet app approved for in-cab machinery control

Use of tablet computers in the tractor cab has taken another step forward with the first app to receive official certification for controlling machinery equipped with an ISOBUS communications system: Claas EASY.

The Claas EASY on board app was developed to provide a lower-cost alternative to dedicated ISOBUS terminals – and a means of adding new functionality to iPad Air or newer tablet computers running iOS 9.0 or later that farmers and contractors may already own.

A wireless local area network adapter plugged into the tractor’s in-cab ISOBUS socket provides a data connection, as well as a power supply. A mount holds the tablet.

With the implement and tractor connected, the iPad and EASY on board app provide the same functionality as a “conventional” ISOBUS universal terminal.

Claas EASY app

It is this functionality, together with the ability to allocate machine functions to buttons on a compatible multi-function joystick that has successfully passed the certification process devised by the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF).

As a result, the app is now listed in the AEF ISOBUS database of compliant control devices, implements and tractors.

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