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A new satellite image visualisation feature and the option to keep and access data via iCloud online storage have been introduced by AgriCision for onTrak wireless guidance.


The water-proof onTrak unit with its guidance LED display.

The onTrak GNSS receiver and light-bar device is designed for applications that do not need the added accuracy and hands-free operation of an auto steering system.

Unlike other light-bars, the onTrak unit is used outside the cab, attached to a tractor hood magnetically over the front steering axle for maximum accuracy and sensitivity, and where it is in the user’s normal line of sight.

OnTrak 01

The onTrak hood-mounted GNSS receiver and light-bar display is positioned over the tractor’s front axle and in the operator’s natural line of sight.

OnTrak wireless guidance

It is operated via a Bluetooth connection to an iPhone or iPad. A free upgrade to the system provides a satellite image of a field and an area worked visualisation as operations across the field progress.

Guidance records can be stored against a field name for future use. A new subscription service enables this data to be uploaded to iCloud storage via the internet, so that users can access it anywhere at any time.

Using the simple .kml format means that field boundaries and recorded work can be visualised on Google Earth and other mapping software, and field records imported into enterprise management software tools such as Gatekeeper.

Adam Keene of AgriCision says he aims to make onTrak recorded data as simple and as open as possible so that users have the flexibility to work with whichever management platform they prefer.

Product summary

  • Company: AgriCision
  • Name: onTrak.Cloud
  • Type: Guidance system and data storage
  • Key feature: New visualisation feature showing field work in progress and optional iCloud guidance data storage for remote access.
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