2022 top 5: Best read articles about field robots

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2022 top 5: Best read articles about field robots

This week, coming up to the end of 2022, we look back at the content we have shared over the year. In the coming days, you will find the top 5 listings of best-read articles on field robots, drones and autonomy.

An eventful year for the ag robot sector once again. The number of commercially available robots for open-field crop production is rapidly increasing. This year’s buying guide included 50 commercially available robots! Additionally, we shared the first user experiences, like the use of Naïo Ted and just recently with the FarmDroid FD20. This way Future Farming has been contributing to the development of the field robot sector as well.

Below we list our 5 best-read articles on the field robot subject that hopefully made a positive impact on the sector.

This is how the Horsch RO 1 field robot works

In February 2021, machine manufacturer Horsch surprised the world with the first images of its autonomous RO 1 traction unit. More recently, traction unit type 2 was revealed and there’s two more to come. Who needs tractors any longer? Read more…

Photo: Stefan Tovornik, Horsch

12-row weeding robot clears weeds autonomously

Dutch company Andela Techniek & Innovatie is developing a machine for robotic weed removal. A prototype – the 12-row ARW-912 – is running on an organic farm in the Netherlands in carrots and onions. Read more…

Photo: Klaas Eissens

‘Field robots are no miracle solution’

The CEOL field robot is an inter-row crawler developed in Toulouse by the young company Agreenculture. It can work several hectares per day fully autonomous thanks to its RTK GPS and its rear tool carrier allows it to tow different tools. French grower Quentin Terrigeol bought one 2 years ago and shares his experiences with us. Read more…

Photo: Agreenculture

Solinftec launches autonomous crop monitoring robot

Solinftec launched the first commercially available Brazilian agricultural robot during the Agrishow 2022. The Solix Ag Robotics system uses the artificial intelligence platform Alice AI for scanning crops such as grain, fiber and sugarcane on a large scale. Read more…

Photo: Daniel Azevedo

Amazone acquires stake in startup AgXeed

The Amazone Group strengthens its development cooperation with Dutch startup AgXeed BV by taking a financial stake in the company. Together with other investors, Claas is also involved as an agricultural technology partner through Seed Green Innovations GmbH. Read more…

Photo: Amazone
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