Who’s your personal Ag Robot of the Year? Vote now!

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Five ag robots have made it to the finals of the first ever global Ag Robot of the Year election. Wh should win? Cast your vote now!

The AvL Motion Compact S9000, Exobotic Technologies Land-A2, InsightTRAC Rover, Naïo Jo and Nexus Robotics La Chèvre robots are the finalists for the first ever global Ag Robot of the Year award. What’s your personal favourite?

Five outdoor field and harvest robots that crop growers can buy or rent in 2023, have made it to the finals of the first ever global Ag Robot of the Year election. The 5 robots were chosen from 16 candidates; field and harvest robots that were added to Future Farming’s buying guide after 1 November 2022. Besides the expert jury’s choice, we would like to know who you think should win the award. Cast your vote now by taking the poll below.

To help you choose, we’ve placed a short description of the 5 finalists in alphabetical order right below. Before you cast your vote though, make sure to watch the video underneath the descriptions to see all 5 robots in action.

Vote here for your personal favourite Ag Robot of the Year 2023. The winners will be announced at World FIRA taking place from 7 to 9 February 2023 in Toulouse/Auzeville-Tolosane (France).


AvL Motion Compact S9000

This robot selectively harvests fully autonomous by following the bed and detecting asparagus without touching the bed. It requires one operator to among others turn the robot at the end of each row. It has a 25 kW diesel engine and a generator to supply electricity. The maximum harvesting speed is 3.6 km/h and the speed control is adaptive, depending on the number of speers to be harvested. The robot is for sale in a limited number of European countries from €400,000.

Exobotic Technologies Land-A2

The Land-A2 is a multipurpose tool carrier with a patent pending modular design that allows it to be configured easily for multiple applications while still keeping its payload body balanced out on rough terrain. It uses a battery plug system for fast and easy in field battery replacement and has a 4×4 electric drivetrain. The robot is available in a limited number of European countries starting from €50,000.

InsightTRAC Rover

This autonomous rover travels through almond orchards, identifies mummies, and safely removes them with biodegradable pellets to eliminate pests like the navel orange worm who burrow inside of the mummies in wintertime. The Rover robot is fully autonomous and can remove a mummy in under a second. It is a fully electric machine with two batteries and an on-board diesel generator that can supply extra power. available in the US and Australia from US $210,000.

Naïo Jo

Jo is a compact tracked robot designed for narrow and hilly vineyards. It has a potential for other specialised crops like trees, seedlings, orchards and can work outdoors, but also in greenhouses. The robot is battery powered and has two electrically driven tracks. Its standard implement linkage is brought by a French specialised company in soil cultivation and weed management. Jo is available worldwide for prices starting at €100,000.

Nexus Robotics La Chèvre

This field robot is capable of removing weeds from many different crops while operating 24 hours a day. It is able to recognise crops at all stages of growth and uses cameras and a neural network to differentiate between weeds and crops. It is battery powered (charged by a diesel generator) and has an electric drive system and it can be as productive as 5 field workers pulling weeds. ‘The goat’ is available in North America for US $500,000 or for US $50,000 per growing season.

Check out this video below to see the 5 finalists in action.

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