This smart tyre pressure sensor alerts drivers via smartphone

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This smart tyre pressure sensor alerts drivers via smartphone

An internet-connected agricultural vehicle wheel assembly developed by Trelleborg can be used to track field wheelings and vehicle location while monitoring tyre pressure and temperature.

The Trelleborg ConnectTire wheel assembly uses built-in sensors to continuously measure inflation pressure. It transmits the data via a Bluetooth wireless connection to an app on the operator’s smartphone app if it deviates from the required setting.

Pressure changes can be caused by a change in machine configuration, ambient conditions or soil temperature, or a slow puncture.

The new technology also monitors tyre temperature, which can become excessive if tyres are run at speed for long periods at too low a pressure for the load, especially on the road, which has the potential to cause damage to the internal structure.

Piero Mancinelli, R&D Director at Trelleborg Wheel Systems says ConnectTire will inform operators so they can maintain correct inflation pressures for maximum efficiency and, in the case of significant under-inflation, minimise the risk of tyre slippage on the rim.

Trelleborg ConnecTire 013x2

Trelleborg ConnecTire

“Farm machinery is exposed to many variables throughout a working day, all of which can impact upon efficiency,” he says. “Being in control of these factors allows farming operations to reduce inefficiencies.”

Trelleborg ConnecTire

Beyond pressure and temperature monitoring, ConnectTire’s in-built GNSS capability can be used by managers to keep an eye on work progress, for safety monitoring of drivers working alone and to act as a theft deterrent.

Mr Mancinelli says: “In addition, with the help of precision farming software, managers can track the number of passes over the land to help assess how to limit soil compaction and erosion.”

“ConnectTire provides the data that allows farms to identify areas at risk and mitigate the impact on crop yield of repeatedly driving over the same ground.”

Product summary

  • Company: Trelleborg Wheel Systems
  • Name: ConnectTire
  • Type: Agricultural vehicle wheel monitoring
  • Key feature: Monitors tyre pressure and temperature and alerts operators to deviations via a smart phone app; provides GNSS location and tracking data for monitoring work progress and lone-worker safety, field trafficking and theft deterrence.
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