Topcon launches improved in-cab terminal

24-04-2017 | |
Topcon launches improved in-cab terminal

Remote access via a tablet or smartphone is a new feature of the latest X35 in-cab precision farming terminal from Topcon Agriculture.

With a screen size of 31cm (12.1in), the X35 replaces the current X30 at the top end of Topcon’s range, complementing the 21.3cm (8.4in) display in Basic and Advanced forms, and the 10.9cm (4.3in) X14.

The newcomer can operate as an Isobus Universal Terminal (UT) and ISO Task Controller, provides variable rate control for up to 8 products. Its ISO section control is capable of regulating wide implements in up to 200 sections.


Topcon X35 terminal can be accessed remotely for certain machine control functions and fault troubleshooting. Photo credit: Topcon


X35: operating remotely

Several remote cameras can be connected to monitor different locations simultaneously. Topcon’s Horizon operating system provides icon-based and user-definable views for a variety of functions. It allows for upgrades.

“The new Horizon Xtend feature of the software allows users to manage control applications via mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones,” says product manager Markus Kalin. “Also, the Remote Assistance Tool enables technicians to remotely diagnose and fix issues, and agronomy consultants to advise and configure remotely.”

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Full data management with X35

The X35 is designed to allow full data management capability through its cloud-based technology. Users can seamlessly transfer data such as soil testing results, yield maps and crop sensor measurements to the cloud, where it is accessible from the office or other machines.

Using data management solutions, such as the Topcon Magnet Mobile Ag Network, farmers can add value to data for optimised returns on inputs while preserving resources.

Peter Hill Machinery writer