VIDEO | Robots, autonomy and electrification at World AG Expo

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VIDEO | Robots, autonomy and electrification at World AG Expo

From February 14 to 16, 2023, Future Farming visited the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, one of the world’s largest agricultural trade shows. When it comes to field robots, autonomous tractors and electric tractors, all the major suppliers of the North American market were present, and we went to meet them.

The World Ag Expo highlighted a “Top-10 New Products”. Of these ten innovations, seven focus on ag robotics, tractor automatisation or smart ag tools:

  1. BeeHome, an automated hive
  2. Bluewhite Pathfinder, an autonomous kit for regular tractors
  3. Burro with Bitwise Agronomy – Superhuman Crop Scouting On-Board
  4. Vulcan by Farmwise, smart weeding tool
  5. Herbicide GUSS by Guss Autonomation
  6. Smart Sprayer by Mantis Ag Tech
  7. Flying Autonomous Robots by Tevel

Main focus on automation

With more than 15 manufacturers present at the event, automation was one of the most important topics in terms of innovation. Some new products were presented for the first time, such as Agtonomy’s TeleFarmer. For other manufacturers the World Ag Expo was an opportunity to present their products “live”, like the Guss Herbicide, or the Burro with bitwise.

Future Farming was also able to meet up with several manufacturers of autonomy kits, like Bluewhite, Sabanto or Kingman AG.

Electrification of machinery

The show focused a lot on electric farm machinery, a market that is growing, especially in California. Best known is probably the Monarch’s MK-V tractor, but also on display were the electric tractors of Solectrac, which plans to release a tractor suitable for large farms by the end of the year.

In addition to Naïo, local robotics manufacturers have also decided to go electric, like the Telefarmer from Agtonomy we mentioned earlier, or Amos Power. During the show, we could also see electric ATV’s emerging, like the ATV from Tuatara.

Manufacturers share their vision

Why are these manufacturers focusing on electric drivetrains, and how do they plan to implement their technologies in Californian agriculture? Those questions are answered in several videos of interviews we did with the manufacturers. During these interviews, we discuss the status of their product, on-farm implementation, energy supply, and their future vision and development of the machines and technologies. The video interviews will be published in the coming weeks. But first, we show you the most striking technologies that attended the exhibition. See the video below.

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Maxence Guillaumot Product and Market Analyst, AgTech Market